This is a page called iPodPilot, on this page I talk about how I feel about the ipod touches.
I like using the iPod Touches because it helps me learn to type with only my thumbs. I get to bring the iPod Touches on Monday and Tuesday. I'm number 7.
Here are the rules of taking the iPod home:

  1. Keep the iPod Touch safe from little sisters and brothers.
  2. Keep it in the bag until you get home.
  3. Keep all accessories in the bag when you are not using them.
  4. Bring all cords and accessories back in the bag.
  5. Make sure the Pod Touch is fully charged when you return it for the next user.
  6. You may not hook the iPod Touches up to your home computer or download games.
  7. If you go to afterschool, make sure the iPod bag is in your backpack.
  8. Share the iPod safely.
  9. The iPod should only be in school, in your house or car, or on the bus.
  10. Keep food and drink away from the iPods.

Week of April 13- April 17
  • Play Metasquares at least five times
  • Keep track of who wins on level 1
  • Write on wiki about the difficulty of game
  • When would I use this skill in real life?
  • Choose two other games to review on my wiki

Week of April 20-24

Play hangman at least 5 times

Keep track of the words

Write on your wiki about the difficulty of the game

When would you use this skill in real life

Choose 2 other WORD games to reveiw on your wiki