Hello Ms.Hengen and Ms.Zaba. My name is Sammie. I like to play card games like Crazy Eights when I'm not at school, but when I am in school I like to do chinese brush painting in art. Anyways, this year I'm going to Costa Rica, Hawaii, and California. Have you ever been to one of the places I'm going to go? I just want to know how beautiful they are before I go.

Dear Ms.Zaba,
I was wondering if when you were a kid you pictured to have a different career.

Dear Ms.Hengen,
I was wondering if you have any pets.
Hi Sammie! I also love card games :) Have you ever played farmer or cheat? They are really fun!
Wow, you are going a lot of places this year. Have fun!
I have never ever been to any of those places. For the first time last March, I left Canada and went to Minot. I am going to go to Minot for my spring break coming up! I have friends and family that have been to Hawaii - You have will an amazing time!
I do have pets. I have a cat (named Izzy) and a dog (named Jax). My pets do not live with me since I am in a city and am not allowed to have pets in my apartment.
Sammie, do you have pets? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well, I have a cat named Blackey, and when I grow up I want to be a Senator.

Blackey? I use to have a dog named Blackey... Must be a common pet name :)
What is a Senator's job exactly?

A Senator's job is to change laws, but we have democracy here in America.

So your senator is like our Govener General. In Canada we have one Govener General and she is the most powerful person in our democratic system! Even though the Prime Minister comes off as being the most powerful, the G.G of Canada can override anything or pass a new law - a Prime Minister cannot. The Govener General is suppose to represent the status of power of the Queen of England in Canada. In many of our schools, students recite God Save The Queen every day. Do you do that in America??

No, here in America we recite The Pledge of Allegiance every day at school.